AMG Fitness

AMG Fitness With Andrea Mcgrath

My name is Andrea & I am passionate about fitness & being active. I love to teach & see people progress on their fitness journeys. I am a mum to a 13 year old. She also has a passion for fitness (mainly swimming) so you could say we are a pretty active family. We love to jump on our bikes & get out & about.

Below is a taster of classes that Andrea offer's:

Rave Tone (30 minutes) - Tuesday 6pm - This is a full body pre-choreographed body weight resistance workout. Covers lower body, upper body, core & includes some yoga flow.

SH1FT (30 minutes) - Mondays 6.15 pm - Smart High Intensity Functional Training. Working on different work/rest ratios this class gets the heart rate lifted using a combination of cardio & strength based exercises. Work at your own pace with in the timings.

Clubbercise (45 minutes) - Monday 7pm, Wednesday 6.15pm- Fun simple dance routines to club classic tunes from the 90's through to the present. Usually in a darkened room with disco lights & glow sticks, however this is slightly adapted at the moment.

Ree Balance (55 minutes) – Tuesday 12pm & Thursday 6pm – Pilates and stretch based workout set to motivating music. Helps to condition and stretch, creating tone and flexibility whilst calming your mind and strengthening your body.

Unless specified otherwise, all of the above are currently delivered over Zoom. They are suitable for all fitness levels as progressions/regressions on exercises can be added.

For a full list of classes and more detail please visit the AMG Fitness website here