With Danni Smith

Danni has created a great community around Movement(s) in Market Harborough

During the various lockdowns she and her team have created some great online content.

Take a look at her website and choose from live sessions and on demand

Live sessions are:

  • Monday: 7am Combat, 6:30pm Pump, 7:30pm Vinyassa Yoga
  • Tuesday: 7:30pm Combat
  • Wednesday: 6pm Abs n ass, 6:30pm Pump
  • Thursday: 7am Combat, 7:30pm Pilates
  • Friday: 9:30am Pump, 12 noon Centergy (Yoga Flow)
  • Saturday: 9am Combat
  • Sunday: 10am Pump

Visit the Movements Facebook page for more information or visit the Movements website for prices, membership options and links to classes.

Danni can also be reached at